Saturday, September 6, 2008

Of Tunnels and Hope

I've spent the past couple evenings reading the blog of a fellow infertile Texan. I saw her blog listed on Cyclesista, so I stopped by, and her first few posts caught my interest. I like to have the story from the beginning, so I went back and read her archives from the start, and one of her posts really hit home with me. Her blog is the Happy Not-So-Newlywed, and the post I am referring to can be found here.

The following is the exact quotation that has stuck with me since I read it:

"I have to know that if we aren't successful this month, I can brush it off and say "that's ok, because I know what we're doing next month." If there is constantly light at the end of the tunnel then you are never in complete darkness."

To me, that is just beautiful, and it sums up exactly how I get through this whole infertility thing. I may not be able to control everything, but I can do it one step at a time, as long as I know where I'm going in the end.


Happy Not-So-Newlywed said...

Aww- I don't think I've ever been quoted before!

I'm glad something I'm saying is helping others, because I know it definitely helps to get my feelings down on paper.

IF is such a roller coaster ride, but I think so far I have been able to stay true to the bottom line of who I am, if that makes sense. I typically have a rosy outlook on life, but as you know IF can really hinder that! We can't let the darkness surround and consume us. That's what I was feeling that night when I wrote that. We HAVE to keep looking ahead, trying to find that light, even if it is a teeny tiny speck!

Good luck this cycle with the clomid- those hot flashes are a killer! Thanks for reading!

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