Thursday, October 23, 2008

Get In, Get Out, Quit F*&%ing About

I had my IUI this morning. It was probably the quickest appointment ever. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am indeed. Hopefully it will produce the desired results (a baybee, in case you hadn't been listening).

I also called my insurance company and found out that they will cover injectable fertility drugs (if the current cycle doesn't pan out). It just requires prior authorization, and that I not be using them in preparation for or in conjunction with an IUI or IVF. Basically, the dumbass insurance company wants to pay for these drugs that will make you ovulate eight eggs, and then they want you to go home and make nookie with your husband so you wind up with a litter. God forbid that they cough up the money to do an IUI to increase the probability of the expensive-ass drugs working on the first round. Or even better, that they ante up the money to do IVF so that you can have a healthy singleton or twin pregnancy, rather than a God-awful expensive set of sickly sextuplets. It's all about the profit NOW, not what's best in the long run. But, if they will pay for the meds, then I will have the doctor fail to mention that I will be having an IUI, since I pay for those out of pocket anyway, and I will go ahead and get them. I'm not saying this cycle won't work; I'm just planning ahead. 

Tomorrow I have a conference to go to at the Texas School for the Blind for work. At least I don't have to do any real work tomorrow. And it will be Friday. And I just realized that even though when I get out of the conference it will be five o'clock somewhere, for the next two weeks, and maybe longer, I will be pregnant until proven otherwise. Arrrrgggghhhh.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Black Hole

I went to the RE today. I had 53mm black hole in my right ovary. It could be one of two things: either a very large follicle or a very large cyst. I have been having mild pain on my right side for about a week, so I wasn't surprised about it's presence, just it's size. The doctor feels fairly confident that it is a large follicle, rather than a cyst, as my uterine lining was at 14mm, which she seemed happy with. So she wrote me a prescription for Ovidrel, and as soon as I am done typing this, I will go pinch a roll of my plentiful abdominal fat and inject myself. I had to go to People's Pharmacy near 38th & Lamar to get it, as they are the only place in the Austin area that keeps it in stock. It is a little bitty place, but they were fast and friendly, and holy shit! my insurance covered the shot! I paid a $25 copay. I was astonished. I wonder if I can get them to cover other injectables. I'm scheduled for an IUI on Thursday morning at 9:30.

I also had a job interview today, out at a vet clinic on Bee Cave Rd., and I think it went well, but even if they call me back, I don't think I will take it. It's just too damn far to drive, the traffic is terrible, and the schedule they are wanting is a little crazy. I'm going to keep looking for something slightly closer to home. So, I missed most of work today, I will be miss all day Thursday, and then I am supposed to go to a conference for work in Austin on Friday. Easy work week, but hell on gas. Oh well. Nice change of pace, I guess. I'm just hoping everything goes right and this 2ww is a successful one.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

How Did I Get So Lucky?

As everyone knows, it is football season. As not everyone knows, I am job hunting. How are these two things related, you ask? I will enlighten you.

Both of my adorable nephews, aged 6 & 10, play football. They both have games today: one here in Bastrop, and one in Round Rock. Once again, what does this have to do with job hunting? I own almost no nice business clothing. In the job I am at now, scrubs or jeans and T-shirts are my daily fare. If When I get a new job, I seriously doubt that my current attire will be appropriate. So I had planned to go shopping today for some business type clothes. Unfortunately, I have no taste. So in this case, a sister is required. My older sister, however, had other obligations: i.e. football games for two little boys.

So ho do we get around this? My wonderful husband, of course. He is taking younger boy to first game here in town, and then is going to drive in to Round Rock and meet us right before the second game so that my sister can take older boy to his game. That way sister and I will have all morning to shop without kids. Because as much as I might want kids, I do not want them while I am shopping.

The question I ask is, "How did I get so lucky?" I got a wonderful husband who is willing to take my nephews to their football games while I go clothes shopping with their mom and his money. I must be doing something right, I guess.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

And The Forecast Called For Galoshes

Well, I didn't need an ark for the flood after all. After the cats poked holes in the inflatable life raft, I had to go with the galoshes, and it turned out okay. It wasn't a miserable period like I expected, and my husband survived it as well. I also finished up my new, higher dose of Clomid, and I am trying to maintain my composure in this state of hormonal flux. I am scheduled for an appointment next Tuesday 10/21, to check on Lucy and Ethel, to see if they are behaving like good little ovaries. Knowing my luck, the ultrasound screen will look more like a re-run of the Candy Factory episode. But we can hope that they will behave.
My job hunting continues in earnest. I am so tired of all the nonsense at my current job. Hopefully I will find something soon. Oh well. At least tomorrow is Friday.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Waiting for the Flood

I finished the 10 day course of Provera last night. Now I am just waiting for the flood, and wondering if I should build an ark. Seems like it might be a prudent course of action. Or at least invest in an inflatable life raft. I think we will see how this round of Clomid w/ IUI goes, and if it doesn't go well, I'm going to ask my RE how much it would increase our chances to try injectibles. If it would be a substantial increase in probability, then I will start investigating costs. I don't wan't to do Clomid over and over again if I can help it. I'm supposed to call on CD1, and go in for a scan on CD12. We'll see how things look then.

In other news, I am job hunting. I am still currently employed by the school, but I am also seeking employment elsewhere. I like the *job* but the pay sucks, and the level of BS is amazing. I need one of these. It might get used on people too frequently though.

I have an interview coming up on Thursday. I'm excited.

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