Thursday, July 9, 2009

Yep, Still Lazy

So this week I am 35 weeks pregnant, and still lazy, hot, tired, and bitchy. I have been off work for the summer for a while now, and I am having a hard time getting anything accomplished around the house. I am totally unaccustomed to not working, and I don't really know what to do with myself. I started working when I was 16, and have never been unemployed since then. Not that I'm unemployed now - I still draw a paycheck, it's just summer. Summer before last, I took 15 hours at ACC, so I didn't have any free time, and last summer, I kept Shelley every day, so she kept me busy, but this year I'm kind of at a loss. I just kind of wander around the house, and hope I get a little something done. It's just that I'm tired all the time, so my motivation is really lacking.

I have been nesting some. We got a bunch of really great stuff at the baby shower, so I have been making Brad move furniture and hang new ceiling fans and all kinds of stuff to get the nursery ready. I have acquired lots of hand me down baby clothes, since a friend's baby is a giant monster baby, and has outgrown all of his stuff really fast. But as a result, I wind up washing and folding all of the baby clothes, and it reminds me how much I absolutely hate - no HATE folding baby clothes. It had been a long time since I had to do it, from when Jack and William (nephew & ex's son) were little, but now I remember. It is like folding a huge basket of nothing but socks and underwear that don't match. I hate even folding my own socks and underwear, and they are likely to sit in a basket until I notice my spastic cat has started dragging them all over the house, hiding them like they are her babies, and trying to nurse them. So to have to fold a huge basket of baby clothes is pure torture. I do not enjoy it. Maybe if they were little girl clothes that were cuter...

Anyway, the nursery, is mostly put together, but it is pretty bare. One thing I have not gotten yet is a lot of the decorative items that are on the registry. I guess those will have to come a little at a time, as we get the money. But for now, the baby does at least have a dedicated space of his own, so that will have to do. We can put stuff on the walls as time goes by.

The baby shower turned out really great. My mom and sisters did a good job of hosting it, and it was a success.

Lots of people showed up, and a good time was had by all. My little sister had the inmates  at the prison custom make a rocking zebra and a toybox for the baby. I am in love with the zebra. It is so adorable.

 After the baby shower, some of my closer friends and family stayed and we had a little pool party. Two of my friends have babies that were about 4 months old at the time, so the babies got to go swimming too, and they had a good time. The water was warm, and they enjoyed splashing. 

This is Misty, and her son Jax Danger.
This is me, with Jennifer's daughter Ella B
So anyway, I had better get going, and hopefully get some crap done around this house. Today, I get to work on addressing wedding invitations for Shannon, my best friend who is getting married in August, but is currently in India, so I get to do the invitations. I'm ready for her to come home!


Erin said...

I am soooo ready! lets hurry up and have this baby!!! Think non-pregnant thoughts! I know it is only another 2 weeks, but I can't wait... I am sooo happy for you! We have the 11th through the 15th off, and we would like to come down and see you, regardless of baby status. Do you mind us staying with you, or do you want us to stay with mom?

Stacy Woodruff said...

Ya'll are welcome to come down, but as for sleeping arrangements, we'll just have to play it by ear. If it helps any, I'm ready, too.

Ellie said...

Hey Stacy! Sorry I went MIA for a while- a family member found my blog and I had to basically shut it down :(

If you still want to follow along, visit us at our public blog,

Good luck in these last few weeks!

(Happy Not so Newlywed)

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