Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weeks 17 & 18

Let me just start by saying that pregnancy sucks. It has its moments, but for the most part it sucks. I really miss my good migraine medicine, and wish I could take it. But, since it causes birth defects, I'll refrain from taking it for now. I'm still having to visit the chiropractor twice a week, to keep the pinched nerves in check. The morning sickness is pretty much gone, although it did actually make me puke last week, which was a first. Other crappy things aboug pregnancy: I have to pee like every half hour and it's getting worse. Also, my bras have shrunk. Or my boobage has expanded. Whichever it is, it sucks. I had a breast reduction for a reason, dammit. I don't like having gargantuan titties. Most women like this side effect of the hormones, but not me. I hate having to buy expensive bras, but this increase in size may make it so I don't have a choice. Ughh! I thought I had tamed the twins, but apparently Eddie & Earl are back in action.

On to the good news: I am looking forward to next Wednesday, when we will (hopefully) find out the sex of the baby. It will also be our one year anniversary that day. I've felt the little bugger wiggle around in there a couple times (I think), but I have to be laying very still to notice. We got the results back on the Nuchal Translucency / Sequential screening tests. We are all clear for Down Syndrome, Trisomy 18, and spina bifida. So that's a relief. Also, I only only have 3 more work days until spring break. Then I will have 9 whole days off. Yay! We got our trees last week, and 7 of them are already planted. Brad has been working his ass off, and the front yard is done. Now for the back yard. But, most of the trees that are going in the back yard are much smaller, so they should be easier. That's about all for now.


erin said...

I am so glad for you! healthy babies are a good thing! I am sorry about eddie and earl... but it is only fitting! why should kelly and I dwarf your boobies? They put me in a G the other day... I almost started crying! bleh! love you hon!

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