Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Funnel-cake Fatigue

Today I feel like absolute crap. I had that funnel cake last night, and while it really was very good, it was also drenched in oil. I drained it on a paper towel after cooking it, but it was still greasy. Needless to say, my stomach is not used to fried food. Even when I'm not on a diet, I hardly ever eat anything fried. About the only fried things I eat are the occasional chicken tender or egg roll. So I was up half the night with terrible stomach cramps and the runs. I should have known better. The same thing happened the other day when I had a Fish N More basket from Long John Silvers. So all day today I have felt completely drained. Thank God it's Friday. When Brad got home from work, he was actually inclined to be productive, even though his gout is acting up. All I wanted to do was crash. Instead, we have compromised, and have been sitting around watching downloaded episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Yes, we are sci-fi junkies. Oh, well. Maybe we will get some work done tomorrow.


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