Thursday, April 24, 2008

Paging Dr. Adonis

I went to see my OB/Gyn on Monday. First off, let me just say, good God almighty, that man is FINE. He could eat crackers in my bed any day. That's not the only reason I see him, of course, but if I'm going to have somebody down there, he might as well be good looking. Aside from that, he is the best OB in Austin. My Mom has been a labor & delivery nurse for longer than I've been alive, and if she says he's the best, I believe it. She would know, she works with him every day. She uses him, my older sister goes to him, he delivered both of my nephews. He was at my mother's wedding reception the other day. So I definitely trust him and like him. I never feel rushed through an appointment. When he walked into the room, the first thing he asked was not about my nether regions. Instead, he asked how my sisters were, and how my nephews were, and asked after them all by name. If anybody wants his name, let me know, and I'll send it your way. He is so awesome. And did I mention he was gorgeous? Even Brad agrees.

So anyway, he did the annual pap smear / exam that really had been more like a year and a half since the last one. Perfect technique, as always. I know that's too much info, but that kind of thing matters. I hear lots of women complain about how getting a pap done hurts, and I have had other doctors not be so gentle, but with Dr. Adonis, you hardly feel a thing. So, it was quick and painless. He wrote me prescriptions for a couple of things I was out of refills on, and we talked about the babymaking endeavor. I did two cycles of unmonitored Provera/Clomid/Metformin after the last pap, and didn't have any luck then. He agreed that it is time to start the process at a real fertility clinic. He said he would write a referral for me, and also dictate a letter to the doctors at the Texas Fertility Center explaining my background and what we have already tried.

Tomorrow I'm going to call my insurance company to find out if I actually need a referral to go to TFC. My insurance should cover diagnostic testing, and some basic medication. Then I will call TFC to set up an appointment. Since I will be off of work this summer, it seems like the ideal time to be doing all of this. I'm ready to get this show on the road. If I can just get myself knocked up, then I can go back to see my OB. Did I mention he is FINE?


JJ said...

Hi Stacy! I just wanted to say thank you for leaving a comment--I appreciate you leaving good-luck wishes--it helps to have all of them=)

Never hurts when your doctor is good looking, right? ;)

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